Is this program for you?

  • Are you a Police Officer? Firefighter? Paramedic? Ambulance Officer? Or play another role within the Emergency Services or in an Emergency Health Care setting?
  • Would you like to be able to keep doing the job you love – for as long as you wish?
  • or – Are you feeling ‘burnt out’ & in need of a break, but feel stuck – often asking yourself the question “What else could I do? This is all I know!”
  • Do you love your job, but know it can play an ’emotional toll’ on you &/or your loved ones at times?
  • Would you like to maintain a healthy & happy relationship with your loved ones?
  • Are you concerned that some of your colleagues are developing ‘Post-traumatic stress’ & sadly some even suiciding?
  • Do you understand the importance of looking after your mental wellbeing whilst doing the job you do?
  • Would you like another option to consider other than (or in conjunction with) the current staff support services offered in your organisation?
  • Would you like to learn from someone who’s actually ‘been there, done that’ & knows what the job is like?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions…..then this program is for YOU.

Who’s facilitating?

Di McMath

  • Resilience & NLP Coach, Author, Former Advanced Care Paramedic, Registered Nurse (AHPRA), and self confessed ‘Free-spirited advocate’ for Emergency Services personnel. Director of Platinum Potential – Resilience Programs, & creator of ‘Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing program for Emergency Services personnel’.

“After spending nearly 15 fantastic years in the Qld Ambulance Service; in 2015 I felt like ‘my time was up’. I spent the next 12 months or so, creating this program to help officers become more fulfilled in both their professional & personal lives, whilst maintaining & strengthening a healthy mental wellbeing. I wanted them to be able to keep doing the job they love, for as long as they wish, whilst having a healthy work/life balance both physically & mentally. I’ve got close mates whose lives have been really ‘rocked’ by Post-Traumatic Stress, as well as devastatingly lost close colleagues to suicide. I felt like I needed to put my qualifications to good use & put something together to help officers recognise accumulated stress, burnout, & PTS symptoms earlier, and provide them with simple & practical coping skills & strategies to help them strengthen their resilience so that when they face challenging situations in their professional or personal lives – that they are better mentally prepared to cope. It’s all about being ‘proactive’, rather than ‘reactive’. “

Outside of this role within the program, Di facilitates various ‘Resilience’ workshops, has lectured at University, & is still a current Registered Nurse (doing ‘contract’ work as an RN).

The role she’s most proud of though….is being a ‘Mum’ to her beautiful 11yr old daughter ‘Ella’.

Jan Sky

  • A Behaviour Change specialist, Neuro Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist, who works with individuals and corporate groups. She is the author of the successful book ‘The Many Parts of You’ and her work in the area of ego states has gained international recognition.

As a presenter, her clarity and unique style expands audiences’ understanding of emotional and intellectual opportunities using ego-state theory as her foundation.Jan has worked and presented in Finland, Netherlands, India, USA, Asia, NZ as well as her homeland, Australia.

She has a particular passion for ‘first responders’ with a daughter who was a paramedic for 15 years.

Di says: “I’m honoured that Jan is coming to Queenstown with me! She’s become a good friend, and not only is extremely experienced in her field, but she’s experienced Emergency Services ‘life’ from a family members perspective. She’ll be sharing some of her expertise in the Neuroscience field, as well as act in a ‘Counsellor’ capacity should the need arise”.

Priscilla Clegg

  • Priscilla, is a specialist in Emotional & Energetic Healing, & Physiospect (Bioresonance therapy), and is also a qualified Yoga & Meditation teacher. With her background being a BSc in Chemistry, she chose to change careers 15yrs ago to pursue her passion in the Natural Healing field.

Priscilla combines various techniques, including Kinesiology, EFT, EBT, Reiki, Theta Healing, & Physiospect, the sessions provide great insight & guidance to the core issues at hand, & help clients to achieve balance in that area. Through her sessions, Priscilla helps to empower her clients in reaching a deeper understanding of their own body & illness, therefore taking back control of their health & relationships.

Di says: “Priscilla truly is one of the most beautiful & gentle souls on the planet! She has been my Yoga & Meditation teacher & my trusted friend for over 15 years, therefore I’m so excited that I’m able to bring her with me to NZ so that you can all experience the wonderful gifts & talents that she has to offer.”

On the final day of the event, Priscilla will take you through some gentle yoga exercises, calming relaxation techniques, and her soothing ‘Zambian’ born voice; will guide you through a relaxing meditation that is bound to make you feel like you’re literally floating on ‘the land of the long white cloud’. 

What’s the program about?

When I was sitting at my desk and about to create this program, I basically said to myself “What is it, that I wish I had known throughout my career?…..What’s missing?….What are the things that officers can often struggle with, but not really feel like they can speak about?”

So it’s an honest, real, relevant, and practical program…..that will be able to help you in all  aspects of your life. I say all aspects of your life, because the job doesn’t just ‘stay at work’.


RECOGNISE –the signs & symptoms of accumulative stress, burnout & post-traumatic stress.

Early recognition plays a vital part in prevention & recovery of mental illness.

Gain an awareness of the job, and common areas that may suffer an emotional impact.

REFLECT – on your current reactions to stress, mindset, relationships, habits, life fulfilment, & the impact that accumulative stress may be having upon all areas of your life.
RESILIENCE – Learn a range of coping strategies, positive psychology techniques, and various coaching skills, that will build & strengthen a positive mindset. Overall, helping to create a more fulfilling professional & personal life.

Other things you’ll gain from these 3 days, will be some foundations of developing a more positive mindset.

With a mixture of positive psychology, Human Needs Psychology, NLP, & other various learnings – you’re bound to walk away with a more open and positive frame of mind, and a ‘toolbelt’ of mindset skills & strategies to build your emotional resilience.

Often without us realising, accumulative stress (even if you don’t think you carry work stress with you), can infuse into all areas of our lives.

For eg: Relationships can often breakdown, and many may see that as an isolated issue….when in fact it can stem from the accumulative stress from the job.

You’ll gain an awareness of various warning signs, combined with learning new (& simple) tools & strategies – can help reconnect those relationships.

That’s just some of the things you’ll learn throughout the 3 days.

This program is EXACTLY what we need! I wish it had been available years ago! Anonymous

Acting Officer in Charge / Advanced Care Paramedic

A metaphor to explain the program

Whilst I know that many services have staff support services in place; many don’t access them (for various reasons), or many wait until they are in desperate need of seeing someone (ie: counsellor / psychologist) – therefore they can often feel pretty ‘broken’ by that time. I felt like more needed to be done before they get to the stage of needing to see someone.

I’m sure many of you would have attended a DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE as part of your training in your job, so think about this…

  • You’re taught how to drive assertively but safely
  • You’re given a level of awareness of potential dangers associated with driving in that manner
  • You’re also given strategies and techniques to help you if you do happen to need to use ‘evasive driving techniques’. 

I’m sure no one intends on ever needing to use those evasive skills, but they’re definitely much handier to have learnt them prior to having ever have needed them – rather than when you’re spinning out of control!

This program is similar in the sense of; you know you’re in a job that has potential dangers & threats (physically & mentally), yet there are practical & relevant tools & strategies that act as a proactive measure to look after an officers mental wellbeing.

Once you’ve learnt & practiced them, then when you are faced with challenging situations in your professional or personal life…’ll be more likely to have an early awareness of your emotions & behaviours, & therefore more likely to be able to respond in a more positive way – & obtain a better outcome.

(Please note that it’s not designed to be used as any form of ‘therapy’.)

What are the topics? 

  1. Life wheel & Human Needs Psychology
  2. Strengthening relationships
  3. Emotional reactions
  4. The power of our words
  5. Creating more empowering perceptions / meaning
  6. Create a more positive state of mind
  7. Perspectives
  8. Peaks & Valleys of life
  9. The power of our thoughts
  10. Mindfulness
  11. Post stressful events
  12. Building your mental muscle, & overcoming a crisis
  13. Coping with the death of a colleague
  14. Stess & coping
  15. Preventing burnout
  16. Removing the sigma part 1 (PTSD & Vicarious trauma)
  17. Hypervigilance
  18. Removing the stigma part 2 (stereotypes, shame, empathy, compassion, vulnerability & courage, shame resilience)
  19. Family members & loved ones
  20. Life beyond the uniform
  21. Happiness & Values

*Subject to change at any time. Some modules / topics – guest speakers/facilitators may be asked to present &/or expand on with their level of expertise.This list should only be used as a ‘guide’. 

What will I learn?

  • Begin to remove the stigma & see vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness – learning symptoms of PTSD, as well as understanding the stages of ‘Burnout’. Discover healthy ways to help prevent it, &/or seek help if symptoms are recognised.
  •  Learn about types of stress, discover simple positive steps & strategies to coping with life’s ups & downs, stressful situations & crisis’s.
  • Recognise the impact that the job may have on family members & loved ones if you fail to maintain your mental & emotional wellbeing, and discover ways to help them – help you.
  • Identify your current ‘level of fulfilment’ across all areas of your life, and use it as a tool to gauge your progress over time.
  • Gain clarity of ‘Why we do what we do’, understanding yourself & others better, resolve conflicts, & learn how to positively influence using ‘Human Needs Psychology’.
  • Build stronger relationships with yourself & others, through the 4 love levels, 5 love languages, & discovering the power of ‘polarity’.
  • Discover the impact of our thoughts, words, perspectives & perceptions, and the impact they can have on creating a more empowering state of mind.
  • Realise your self-worth & prepare yourself ‘mentally & emotionally’ for when you will inevitably have to ‘hang up your uniform’ for the last time.
  • Create more ‘presence’ in life, with the art of ‘Mindfulness’. Discover your life values, & how to maintain happiness through the ‘happiness formula’.


This event is intended to be as an adjunct to other staff supports programs in place & does not intend or imply to be a replacement for any form of psychological support. This program is not meant to be used, nor should it be used to diagnose, or treat any psychological condition. For diagnosis or treatment of any psychological condition, consult your own physician. No guarantees are implied, and Platinum Potential takes no responsibility or liability for any unforseen outcomes or results that occur caused by any underlying psychological issues that a participant may have (physical, psychological, emotional, financial, or commercial damages). Whilst participants are encouraged to participate, no part of the event is compulsory, therefore no liability will be accepted by Platinum Potential for damages. *Participants should always seek tax advice from a registered tax agent with regards to tax deductions.

*Terms & Conditions

All prices are in AUD$ unless stated otherwise (such as AJ Hackett, & KJet promos). By purchasing a ticket to this event, you agree that you have read and understand all of the following terms and conditions and the above disclaimer. Due to the location of the event & the unpredictable weather, we strongly recommend obtaining travel insurance when booking flights as no refunds will be given for cancellation / delay of flights or other means of travel. No compensation may be sought for the purchasers failure to obtain travel insurance. The event is also subject to obtaining minimum participant numbers. For the payment plan option – a non-refundable* deposit of $400AUD is required, followed by the remainder of $495AUD to be paid by 1st May 2018). Extensive efforts will be made to ensure all participants monies are paid by 1st May 2018 – as bookings needing to be confirmed by Queenstown venues. By booking a place at this event, participants agree that they will pay all money owing by 1st May 2018 or face forfeiting their deposit.  *If, in the unexpected event that the event is cancelled by the organiser (eg: minimum numbers not met, travel delays, extreme weather &/or natural disasters, illness or death (of self or close family member), a full refund of amount (of the event ticket price paid only) will be issued within 30 days. * The 1hr coaching session with Di McMath – must be booked within 30 days post event, & be claimed by 22nd December 2018 to be valid, & is via ‘phone’ – unless mutually agreed. *The Ledge Bungy & Swing, & KJet discounts is by means of a ‘promo code’ provided. The website & code details will be provided, and it is the purchasers responsibility to book their own tickets for this (as well as obtain transfers to/from). The $25NZD discount for AJ Hackett attractions, applies for the dates of 15-24th June (inclusive) only. KJet promo code is valid till the end of July 2018. Proof of attendance to this event is required by AJ Hackett staff on arrival of your scheduled booking. *Priscilla Clegg PHYSIOSPECT 23 treatments are 1.5hrs in length, and can be booked either whilst in Queenstown, NZ – or within 3 months of the program in Northern Gold Coast. For further info on the treatment, & to make a booking – please call  0403129292. Platinum Potential does not take any responsibility for anything that occurs with any other contractor or business. The link for PHYSIOSPECT 23 is for information purposes only, and if you require further information regarding Priscilla Clegg & her use of the treatment, you should contact her on the number above. *The 30mins of complimentary pre-dinner drinks at the Mercure Queenstown Resort – is only if a group booking is made. We will ask you via email if you’d be interested in coming to a pre or post event dinner, (which is optional), and participants are to pay for their own meals. It is at the discretion of the Mercure Resort as to what they will consider as a ‘group’ booking. More information on this will be provided.

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