Resilience & Wellbeing Program for First Responders

Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing for Emergency Services Personnel   (international name) is the same program as the:

Check out the video below – for a preview of what’s in the program. 

Resilience & Wellbeing program for First Responders

The ‘Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing Program’ for Emergency Services personnel is designed by a former Paramedic, and specifically created for First Responders.

This ONLINE program was created by Di McMath (Former Advanced Care Paramedic of 15yrs).  

This program aims to provide real & relevant coping skills & strategies; so that when the officers are faced with challenging situations in their professional or personal lives; they are better mentally prepared to cope.

The coping strategies aim to help strengthen officers mental fitness, therefore; in the long term – aiming to help decrease depression, PTSD, & suicide within the industry.

There are three general stages that the program covers:

RECOGNISE –the signs & symptoms of accumulative stress, burnout & post-traumatic stress. Early recognition plays a vital part in prevention & recovery of mental illness. Gain an awareness of the job, and common areas that may suffer an emotional impact.

REFLECT – on your current reactions to stress, mindset, relationships, habits, life fulfilment, & the impact that accumulative stress may be having upon all areas of your life.

RESILIENCE – Learn a range of coping strategies, positive psychology techniques, and various coaching skills, that will build & strengthen a positive mindset. Overall, helping to create a more fulfilling professional & personal life.

The program is self-paced, and is delivered over 6 modules consisting of 27 lessons. There is almost 6hrs of video content, downloadable workbooks & activities. Those who purchase the program get lifetime access to it.


The beginning of your journey - for Students

‘The beginning of your journey’ is a resilience program specifically designed for brand new ‘Student’ Emergency Service workers (specifically Police, Fire, Ambulance officers), provides students with a real & relevant account of what life as a First Responder is really like, and positive tools & strategies that can immediately be implemented. Students will establish a strong foundation for healthy mental wellbeing that will be highly beneficial throughout their career & beyond. *A must for all new students.

Life Beyond the Uniform

There comes a day where everyone will eventually have to hang up the uniform for the last time.

This can be a confronting & daunting thought to contemplate, especially when you’ve been in a career that you view as part of your identity, & your position is viewed in such high regard.

Many officers have thoughts like; “What else could I do?”, “This is all I know”, “What if I can’t do the job anymore?”

Whether you’re facing medical retirement (for physical or psychological reasons), are at retirement age, feeling ‘burnt out’, or just planning for the future; then this workshop is for you.

Di shares some simple coping strategies, and tips on ‘transitioning’ that can leave you feeling more ‘optimistic’ about life beyond the uniform.


Help your staff build resilience

Di can work with you & your team to help you become aware of signs/symptoms that a staff member may be struggling, & teach tools and strategies to help your staff become more resilient & cope with stressors they may face.

You’ll also learn how to apply ‘Human Needs Psychology’ to help create stronger connections with staff, & understand ‘why we do what we do’.

Creating strong relationships

(2hr workshop)

Being an Emergency Service worker, can sometimes take it’s toll on our relationships with our partners &/or family members. In this 2hr workshop, Di explains simple yet effective ways to reconnect &/or make stronger connections with your loved ones.

Discussing things such as ‘Human Needs Psychology’, ‘love levels’, ‘love languages’, ‘polarity’; there’s bound to be some ‘light-bulb moments’ and plenty of tools that you can implement immediately.

More info about the program

Program Modules:

  1. Life wheel & Human Needs Psychology
  2. Strengthening relationships
  3. Emotional reactions
  4. The power of our words
  5. Creating more empowering perceptions / meaning
  6. Create a more positive state of mind
  7. Perspectives
  8. Peaks & Valleys of life
  9. The power of our thoughts
  10. Mindfulness
  11. Post stressful events
  12. Building your mental muscle
  13. Overcoming a crisis
  14. Post stressful events
  15. Coping with the death of a colleague
  16. Stress & coping
  17. Preventing burnout
  18. Removing the sigma part 1 (PTSD & Vicarious trauma)
  19. Hypervigilance
  20. Removing the stigma part 2 (stereotypes, shame, empathy, compassion, vulnerability & courage, shame resilience)
  21. Family members & loved ones
  22. Life beyond the uniform
  23. Happiness & Values (including ‘Heart / Brain connection’ )

Learning Outcomes

* Begin to remove the stigma & see vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness – learning symptoms of PTSD, as well as understanding the stages of ‘Burnout’. Discover healthy ways to help prevent it, &/or seek help if symptoms are recognised.

* Learn about types of stress, discover simple positive steps & strategies to coping with life’s ups & downs, stressful situations & crisis’s.

* Recognise the impact that the job may have on family members & loved ones if you fail to maintain your mental & emotional wellbeing, and discover ways to help them – help you.

* Identify your current ‘level of fulfilment’ across all areas of your life, and use it as a tool to gauge your progress over time.

* Gain clarity of ‘Why we do what we do’, understanding yourself & others better, resolve conflicts, & learn how to positively influence using ‘Human Needs Psychology’.

* Build stronger relationships with yourself & others, through the 4 love levels, 5 love languages, & discovering the power of ‘polarity’.

* Discover the impact of our thoughts, words, perspectives & perceptions, and the impact they can have on creating a more empowering state of mind.

* Realise your self-worth & prepare yourself ‘mentally & emotionally’ for when you will inevitably have to ‘hang up your uniform’ for the last time.

* Create more ‘presence’ in life, with the art of ‘Mindfulness’. Discover your life values, & how to maintain happiness through the ‘happiness formula’.


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