Resilience Programs

First Responder / Emergency Services personnel:

With the current rate of suicide in Australia being one Emergency Services Officer – every 6 weeks; and one every eighteen hours in America, it’s evident that more needs to be available…globally. It’s occurring all around the world, and these officers and their families need to have more assistance available.

That’s why when Director of Platinum Potential – ‘Di McMath’ resigned after being in the Queensland Ambulance Service after almost 15yrs; she decided to put all of her skills, knowledge, & qualifications together, and do something about the problem.

We deliver a tailored ‘Resilience Program’ via a 3 day workshop (and soon to be also available online), that delivers real & relevant coping skills & strategies, and ‘mental wellbeing’ education for First Responder / Emergency Service Officers.

The aim of the program is so that officers can better mentally cope; when faced with challenging situations in their professional & personal lives, decrease the stigma associated with mental illness within the industry, & help officers to live happier & mentally healthier lives, so that they can experience fulfilled lives with their loved ones around them. In doing so, we anticipate that it will help to decrease the rate of depression, PTSD, & suicide amongst our ‘Emergency Services family’.

Platinum Potential’s team have all ‘worn boots’ as First Responders (or are connected in some sort of way), so we know exactly what it’s like to experience the jobs that you go to, as well as the impact that it can have on personal areas of your lives too.

The program is designed to help officers at any stage in their career; including a module to help family members & former officers.

It’s a must for anyone currently in the job, thinking about the job, or has been in the job.

Options of programs include:

  • 3 day ‘Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing for Emergency Services personnel (*This is the same program as the options of the 3 day below)
  • 3 day ‘Triple Zero ‘000’ Resilience Program’
    • Triple Zero ‘000’ Resilience Program (Australia)
    • Triple One ‘111’ Resilience Program (New Zealand)
    • Nine One One ‘911’ Resilience Program (USA & Canada)
    • Triple Nine ‘999’ Resilience Program (United Kingdom)
  • Students: ‘The beginning of your journey’
  • 1 day for managers: ‘How you can help your staff build resilience’

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