About ‘Platinum Potential’

‘Platinum Potential’ – is all about building Resilience & Wellbeing.

We specialise in working with Emergency Services  & Healthcare departments, & those industries that want to better prepare their staff for long-term highly stressful situations.

With almost 15yrs of personal experience as a front-line Emergency Services worker, as well as an intensive 2.5yrs to gain qualifications as a ‘Coach’ – the perfect combination of experience was used to create a relevant and needed program for Emergency Services personnel …. that is unique & a proactive approach to looking after staffs mental wellbeing. Our workshops & programs are a great adjunct to current staff support services that exist, & take a more proactive approach (rather than being ‘reactive’ to adversity) to strengthening staffs mental wellbeing.

The Director of Platinum Potential – ‘Di McMath’, is a former Advanced Care Paramedic, current Registered Nurse, now turned Resilience Coach & NLP Coach Practitioner & Author, that has created several programs, designed to build individual resilience, provide coping skills & preventative strategies in dealing with day to day challenges in work & personal lives, to improve ones overall mental wellbeing.

Platinum Potential’s resilience programs will help to increase an individual’s level of fulfilment in their personal & professional lives; therefore decreasing staff absenteeism, and with the main program ‘Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing for Emergency Services personnel’ / Triple Zero Resilience Program – the ultimate goal is to help minimise the rate of PTSD & suicides amongst officers within the industry.

*One of the other programs offered, is a ‘Coping Strategies for Teens’ workshop (13-19yr olds), that provides teenagers with simple – yet powerful & effective strategies to help them cope with day to day stressors, as well as upcoming ones that they may encounter throughout life. She loves to provide this to teens – to hopefully create stronger mindsets in the younger generation, therefore leading to a happier & healthier mental wellbeing, stronger relationships, & hopefully decreasing the amount of depression, anxiety, & suicide in the latter years.

My Philosophy

“Life is too short to waste any of it being unhappy. I’m also realistic – and I know that life’s not all going to be smooth sailing. However, if i can teach people how they can live happier & more fulfilled lives even whilst going through the tough times…..then my job on this earth is done”.

Di McMath

My Methods

In my work, I utilise my past & present qualifications, various ‘Coaching’ strategies & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, and draw upon the many years of teachings from many of the worlds leading mentors; including Peak Performance Coach ‘Anthony Robbins’ (pictured on the right. – *Photo taken by Salty Dingo). 

I have admired & practiced the teachings of Tony Robbins for the past 19yrs, completing his ‘Mastery University’, & attending many events over the years in Australia & at his resort in Fiji. I have also been fortunate enough to have been a crew member at his ‘Date With Destiny’ event in 2015 – with my main role being part of his medical response team, but also performing roles such as customer service, mic running, & taking photos of Tony with his distinguished guests.”

Whilst I am a self confessed ‘TR – junkie’ , by no means to I try to be like him with my workshops. No one could! (He’s a energetic machine!!! ha ha!).

However, I am truly & authentically me’, & I aim to deliver engaging & interactive workshops with great content – that is sure to create positive results!

My Goals

Whilst my audience can be varied, my goals remain fairly consistent.

My main goal is to teach people how to have happy & fulfilled lives, & ride the waves of ‘life’ through providing simple & effective coping strategies.

With the Emergency Services industry, my goal is to help officers create & maintain fulfillment in their professional & personal lives, so that they can keep doing the job that they love for as long as they wish to do so. The underlying goal of that, is to help decrease the rate of PTSD & suicide within the industry.


Others whom my work is inspired by

I have also studied the teaching of many other world leaders such as; Oprah Winfrey, Louise L. Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Sir. Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Brene’ Brown, Allan Pease, & Janine Allis – just to name a few!







‘Selfie’ with Janine Allis (Founder – Boost Juice), 2017







Di & ‘Body Lanuage’ expert Allan Pease, September 2017


What services do we offer?

Platinum Potential have various workshops / programs available including (but not limited to);

  • Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing program for Emergency Services personnel (3 days, & online*)
  • Triple Zero Resilience Program (same as above but tailored to Australia)
  • Life beyond the uniform (2hrs & online*)
  • Relationships (2hrs & online*)
  • Survive & Thrive – Coping strategies for ‘high stress’ environments (1day)
  • Coping strategies for teens (2hrs)
  • Self-empowered kids (school based program – time varies to suit)
  • Creating visionboards (2hrs)

We can also tailor workshops / programs to suit.

Di is also available to speak at events upon request.

Please contact us for more information.


Amazon best-selling book

Based upon positive growth & NLP principles, ‘Icebreakers: How to empower, inspire & motivate your team, through step-by-step activities that boost confidence, resilience, & create happier individuals’ is a simple yet effective book of empowering ‘activities’ for a range of readers.

Teachers, trainers, facilitators, managers, coaches, parents, teenagers, (& anyone >9yrs old) can benefit from reading it.

When implemented – Di McMath (author) intends it to have a positive ripple effect in the lives of individuals, families and cultures of businesses and schools around the world.

It aims to provide a solid foundation for positive growth.

Through Platinum Potential (& personally) we have proudly raised money in various ways to support finding a cure for Brain Cancer (after losing my mum to brain cancer 16 days after being diagnosed in 2013).

In the past, the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation have been the charity of choice, but in 2018 I have decided to change to the Charlie Teo Foundation (as 100% of money raised actually goes towards finding a cure). Another group I’ve supported is the Gold Coast’s ‘Care For Life Suicide Prevention Network’, therefore – the majority of proceeds of paperback books sold from this website will go to these two charities.




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