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‘Icebreakers: How to Empower, Inspire & Motivate Your Team Through Step-by-Step Activities That Boost Confidence, Resilience & Create Happier Individuals.’


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‘Icebreakers’ is the ultimate guide to EMPOWER your team members and organisation through simple step-by-step activities.
Based upon strategic Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, Di McMath has put together a wonderful collection of inspiring and empowering activities, that can be adapted for practically any age or group.

This simply set out, step-by-step guide is a must have for anyone who wants themselves and/or those in their ‘circle of influence’ to have personal growth and bonding.

Through ‘Icebreakers’;, author ‘Di McMath’ aims to create a positive ripple effect in the lives of individuals, families and cultures of businesses and schools around the world.

It provides a solid foundation for positive growth.

*Please note that this is the PDF (downloadable) version of the book. If you require paperback, please click on the link for a paperback version.




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