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In 2019, the majority of proceeds from paperbacks sold from this website, will proudly support the:

Charlie Teo Foundation – funding brain cancer research, & Care For Life Suicide Prevention Network (CFLSPN) – Gold Coast.

Icebreakers: How to empower, inspire & motivate your team through step-by-step activities that boost confidence, resilience & create happier individuals.

*Online best seller in the motivational business category*

Paperback, 142 colour pages.

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Have you ever had to facilitate a group or team, where you wished you could just click your fingers and there was an instant lift of energy in the room? Or have you ever wished that you could allow your group or team to discover their own potential and see how amazing they really are – and can be?

Based upon positive growth & NLP principles, ‘Icebreakers’ is a simple yet effective ‘tool’ for a whole range of readers. Teachers, trainers, facilitators, managers, coaches, parents, teenagers, & even ‘tween-agers’ can all benefit from reading it. When implemented – Di McMath (author) intends it to have a positive ripple effect in the lives of individuals, families and cultures of businesses and schools around the world. It aims to provide a solid foundation for positive growth.

“When I was finishing my studies to become a ‘Coach’, I was trying to find a book with empowering and positive activities – for putting my workshops together. I couldn’t find one…..so I wrote one!” – Di McMath, Author.

*The majority of proceeds from every paperback sold from this website – have proudly been supporting the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation (CBCF) & Care For Life Suicide Prevention Network (CFLSPN) – Gold Coast in the past. In 2019, we have changed from CBCF to The Charlie Teo Foundation (to help find a cure for brain cancer).


What some people are saying about ‘ICEBREAKERS’

“In my view THIS is the type of book that I had wished I had when I was a trainer. To be honest, I’m happy that I have it now. It’s like the TRAINERS BIBLE of activities for all types of groups! It’s set out perfectly, and, more importantly, it’s so simple to understand! Di provides a simple and extremely practical tool for initial bonding and – honest works every time!”

-Emma Walkinshaw – Former National Training Manager for ‘Brighter Futures’


“Di’s book is not only great for team building, it builds other goal setting skills along with character skills within each member of the group.
The exercises found within will help build a stronger team, but will also empower individuals with a greater sense of self respect to give them a happier, more positive outlook on their life. A skill set which they can take home as well as use in the workplace.”

-Chris; (Amazon review)

As a small business owner I have a couple of teams of people. The exercises in this book will, I believe, help my teams to be more cohesive and feel more empowered to get things done. This is an absolutely incredible book that is of immense value to anyone that leads a team of almost any size. If you’re a business owner then you definitely should get this book.”

-Danny Wall; (Amazon review)


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