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‘Happy, Kind, & Healthy Mind’

(school-based program)

The school-based ‘Happy, kind, & Healthy Mind’ program is a 3 or 6 day program appropriate for grades 5 – 12, and aims to provide children & young adults with simple, practical & fun ways to equip children with appropriate skills that are needed to empower & build their self-esteem, and to create more compassion & kindness towards themselves & others.

This program became the basis of my online best-selling book- ‘Icebreakers: How to empower, inspire, & motivate your team through step-by-step activities that boost confidence, resilience, & create happier individuals’.

Over the course of this program, children will learn fun and interactive ways to build their self-esteem, confidence, resilience, & become consciously aware of the impact of their words/thoughts/actions towards others. They will be subtly learning valuable coping skills & strategies that will help them throughout their childhood years and beyond.

I strongly believe that if we equip people with the strong ‘foundations’ of coping skills to deal with various ‘life challenges’ that we often face at a young age, then we won’t have the issues with them as adults! This will have an enormous positive impact in our society.

My ultimate goal with my programs with children & young adults, is to help provide them with valuable skills & strategies so that they can feel a greater sense of ‘intrinsic’ happiness, as well as feeling empowered to make good and healthy choices when they face challenging situations throughout life. In doing so, I hope to help decrease the rate of depression, anxiety, & suicide within the youth of today.

Program Outline:

Day 1:    Building self-esteem & gaining control over our thoughts

Day 2:    Goal setting, creating a clear ‘vision’, building confidence, & increasing your potential

Day 3:    The science of happiness, the power of compassion & kindness on an internal / class / community / & global level.

(*3 day program = 1 full day every week, over a 3 week period). *6 day program = 1/2 day every week, over a 6 week period. Other alternatives may also be discussed.)

For a detailed view of the program, please contact us.

‘Coping Strategies for Teens’


The ‘Coping Strategies for Teens’ workshop is ‘chilled out’ & ‘down to earth’ workshop that gives teens some simple & practical skills that they can start putting into practice immediately – to help them cope better with the stresses of being a teen & beyond.

Di has a way of really relating to the teens, in a ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ yet empathetic way. She shares an honest recount of some of her challenges as a teenager / young adult – so she’s living proof that you can experience some tough times….and turn your ‘scars into stars’.

Teens will enjoy a fun, interactive, & interesting workshop with various simple coping strategies based upon positive psychology, NLP, Human Needs Psychology, and various coaching skills, that even many adults would also benefit from!

Topics & strategies include (but are not limited to):

  • Mind dump – How to deal with overwhelm
  • Problem focused vs Emotion focused coping
  • Perspectives
  • Perceptions / meanings
  • Emotional ‘baggage’
  • The power of our words
  • How the people we spend our time with can strengthen or weaken us emotionally
  • How to change our emotional ‘state’ of mind
  • How to goal set & achieve success
  • Creating more empowering ‘beliefs’, & how to get rid of negative ones
  • Creating strong relationships – simple & effective strategies!

and more!


*An important message from Di“In this ‘Coping Strategies for Teens’ workshop, I may share the occasional swear word, but not intentionally & not attempting to be a ‘bad influence’….it’s more of a tactical approach to show the kids that I’m showing an accurate representation of myself, as well as to ‘relate’ to them. If you’re offended by this – then we can chat about it prior to you enrolling your teen. Let me just say that I totally respect everyone & their standards & morals (I like to think that mine are high too!), yet let it be a reminder that the school yard ‘talk’ that they are subjected to, would be considered a lot worse than anything I’d say.” 

Di McMath – Director


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My son, who has been seeing a counsellor for depression for many years, recently attended two of Di McMaths’ Teenage Resilience Workshops.

What an amazing program!!

We took him to this as the counsellor wasn’t really helping him and he was having suicidal thoughts, but after the first session with Di, he actively agreed to attend a further workshop!

In his words “That made more sense to me in two hours than the years of counselling have”

The strategies for coping and the explanation of how thoughts/friends influence your thinking really resonated with him, and for the first time in years he actually initiated a conversation about how he was feeling with us.

Thank you so much for running such a great ( and much needed) program Di, and we look forward to attending more of your workshops.

NOTE: We did get a referral for a mental health plan from the doctor as suggested, but the shortest waiting list we could get on was “Headspace” and that was 10 months! Obviously this shows the need for your program

Maree H. - Bahrs Scrub

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