Coping with the death of a colleague

No matter what the cause of death; losing a colleague is devastating. Not only for those who knew & worked with them, but the Emergency Services 'family' as a whole. The effect can run really deep. Because they weren’t just a colleague, and they weren’t just a...

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What if it wasn’t about the ANGER?

Have you ever worked with someone for a long time; and they used to be all fun and laughs, …..but now they’re just ANGRY?   Or maybe you’ve been married to someone for what seems like an eternity; and it was always so much love & respect & laughs for most...

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Don’t forget the former officers

So today I had the pleasure of running into a mate of mine whom is also a former Paramedic, – (and I think he was a bloody awesome one at that!). However, unlike him – I have never been diagnosed with PTSD, nor have I suffered like he has…but I can understand &...

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I see you: A poem for Paramedic’s

I wrote a poem for all my Paramedic mates. Obviously it won’t resonate with all of you…but just a reminder that you need to care for yourself before you can care for others….so stick your hand up if you need. xx. – I see you – ‘When I see you through my eyes, I see a...

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