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Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing programs for Emergency Services personnel,

‘high stress’ organisations, departments, & schools

Info for First RespondersJune 2018 - Queenstown NZ

Program for Emergency Services personnel

The ‘Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing program for Emergency Services personnel’ (also known as the ‘Triple Zero ‘000’ Resilience Program’ in Australia), is a 3 day workshop for Police, Firefighters, & Paramedics / Ambulance Officers, & Emergency Department Health Care professionals.

The aim of the program is to help officers keep doing the job they love for as long as they can, whilst strengthening their resilience & gaining more fulfilment in their professional & personal lives.

By applying the tools & strategies in the program on a regular basis, it’s expected that officers will be able to better mentally cope when faced with challenging situations in their professional & personal lives.

In the long term, it’s anticipated that the program will not only help to build resilience & create a healthier wellbeing amongst staff, but also help to decrease the rate of depression, PTSD, & suicide in the industry.

Join our next 3 day event in Queenstown, New Zealand 19-21st June 2018! 

“This program is EXACTLY what we need! I wish it had been available years ago!” Anonymous

Acting Officer In Charge / Paramedic


  • ‘Survive & Thrive’ – Coping strategies for high stress environments (1day)

This 1 day workshop is for any organisation where it’s a ‘high stress’ environment or culture.

‘Stress’ & lack of coping skills, is literally killing us.

This workshop gives participants an awareness of stress & burnout, & the effects it can have on our bodies. It gives simple, practical, & relevant coping skills & strategies, that will help to create more positive mindsets, as well as happier and healthier human beings!


“Not only does Di talk the talk, but she is living proof that she can walk the walk. I cannot recommend ‘Platinum Potential’ highly enough. I promise you, your outlook on life will change for the better!” Kathy

Registered Nurse

  • ‘Coping strategies for teens’

Being a teenager these days can be pretty ‘full on’.

In this 2hr workshop, Di has a way of getting the teens to really ‘relate’ to her – as she shares some raw & honest realities of her own teenage & young adult challenges, & some simple yet effective coping strategies that she wished she’d known when she was their age!

*Di is also available for individual & small group coaching sessions upon request.

  • ‘Happy, Kind, & Healthy Mind’
    (school based program)

Di’s philosophy is to empower & teach emotional resilience to children when they’re young, to help prevent the rate of depression & suicide in later years.

This school based program (run for 1 day / week over 3 weeks, or 1/2 day / week over 6wks)*, was the basis of Di’s online best-selling book:

‘Icebreakers: How to empower, inspire, & motivate your team, through step-by-step activities that boost confidence, resilience, & create happier individuals‘.

*Program structure may be adapted to suit*


My son, who has been seeing a counsellor for depression for many years, recently attended two of Di McMaths’ Teenage Resilience Workshops.

What an amazing program!!

He had been having suicidal thoughts, but after the first session with Di, he actively agreed to attend a further workshop!

In his words “That made more sense to me in two hours than the years of counselling have”

For the first time in years he actually initiated a conversation about how he was feeling with us.

Thank you so much for running such a great ( and much needed) program Di, and we look forward to attending more of your workshops.


Maree H. - Bahrs Scrub


Di McMath wrote this online best-selling book in the ‘Motivational Business’ category, ‘ICEBREAKERS – How to Empower, Inspire, & Motivate your team through step-by-step activities that boost confidence, resilience, & create happier individuals’ .

The majority of proceeds from the sale of the paperback book from this website, go to support brain cancer research, as well as suicide prevention. The two organisations that I choose to support are:

Care For Life Suicide Prevention Network – CFLSPN  (Gold Coast) 

The Charlie Teo Foundation – Funding brain cancer research

Thank you for your support in helping to save lives through the purchase of this book.

More information about the book can be found when you click the button below.


Di was also asked to give the introduction (by means of her blog) to Peter Nelson (Clinical Director of CISD for Tasmanian Emergency Services) in 2015

Di has also collaborated with Henderson Matusch (Financial Advisors & Wealth Creators) to deliver an information session in the past.

“You really have a passion for what you do and it shines through and touches and inspires those you teach. Thankyou!” Workshop participant

Whilst the face-to-face version is currently available; the

‘ONLINE’ version of the

Triple Zero ‘000’ Resilience Program


Click the picture to be notified when the ‘online’ version is released!


Di McMath – Director of ‘Platinum Potential’, is not, and does not – claim to be a professional Counsellor. The services provided are based upon accredited coaching practices, personal experience, & a former career within the Emergency Services. Professional advice from appropriate & trained psychologists &/or counsellors is encouraged throughout the Triple Zero Resilience Program, and should only be used as an ‘adjunct’ to additional staff support services. It is not intended to be, nor should it be used as a mental health service, or to be used as a replacement for professional mental health services. Platinum Potential take not responsibility for any adverse outcomes as a result of any advice or teachings given, as they are at the users discretion. Platinum Potential & any of it’s programs is not currently endorsed by any Government organisation – nor does it claim to be.

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